About Ter: A tiny wiki-style site builder

New year, new site! Amirite? I’ve been procrastinating on getting started with writing online for the longest time. While I do have a fairly consistent habit of writing down things I’ve learned for self-documentation, I don’t usually go beyond that. I don’t reflect on what I consume and I don’t share my thoughts publicly. An article about Intentional Creation presented a framework I found interesting:

In this guide, you’ll see how to distill the elements of creativity into four deliberate stages:

  1. Consume
  2. Critique
  3. Curate
  4. Create

I like following steps so this sounded like a good way to get started. Usually, I just go from consuming to creating. Would explicit steps for deliberation help me think of topics and motivate me to share more online? I hope so!

Let’s kick off the “critiquing” with what I used to make this site: Ter. It’s a “tiny wiki-style site builder” that looks gorgeous. I’m a big Obsidian user so the wiki-style writing feels right at home. I know you can publish your Obsidian notes but $20 per month is a big investment for a habit I’m still trying to form. It’s made with Deno which is dead-simple to deploy. All-in-all it took me around 30 minutes set this up under my domain and start writing. The creator is a designer so it looks great out of the box. I might try to tweak colors and/or fonts but that’s probably it. I don’t really have anything to comment against it aside from the occasional timeout crash in dev mode. I’m sure that’ll be fixed soon or I’ll figure out how to fix it myself.